Genre Graveyard with Jen and Fantasma is a genre film talk show from a queer-feminist perspective created by Jen Brown and Rafael Ruiz.

In a lone house behind a remote technicolor graveyard, lives two queer-feminist cinema enthusiasts. Jen and her haunted puppet best friend, Dawn Fantasma, welcome all weirdos to join them in their Genre Graveyard which is part Pee Wee’s Playhouse, part Elvira, and all parts queer! Jen and Fantasma can’t wait for you to meet their spookily talented artist friends and wacky neighbors such as Grimm and his Hands of Doom while they explore the deepest corners of genre cinema through a feminist lens. Fun Fact: No straight white men were involved or (knowingly) harmed in the production of the first season.

Genre Graveyard is hosted by Jen Brown & Dawn (Fantasma) Humphrey & the first 4 episodes aired on El Rey Network in 2020: